When Did Dhruv Rathee Started His Youtube Channel?

Who is Juli?

Juli (German for “July”) is a German alternative pop band from GieĂźen, Hesse, consisting of singer Eva Briegel, guitarists Jonas Pfetzing and Simon Triebel, bassist Andreas “Dedi” Herde and drummer Marcel Römer….Juli (band)JuliGenresGerman rock, popYears active2001–presentLabelsUniversalWebsitejuli.tv7 more rows.

How old is Dhruv rathee?

26 years (October 8, 1994)Dhruv Rathee/Age

Where is Dhruv rathee born?

October 8, 1994 (age 26 years)Dhruv Rathee/Born

What is Dhruv rathee profession?

YouTuberVloggerTelevision producerPodcasterDhruv Rathee/Professions

Who is Dhruv rathee girlfriend?

JuliMust Watch: Dhruv Rathee Reveals his GirlfriendFather NameMr. Rathee (Businessman)Mother NameHomemakerGirlfriendJuliMarital StatusUnmarriedJan 7, 2021

Why is Dhruv rathee famous?

Dhruv Rathee (born 8 October 1994) is an Indian YouTuber and social media activist known for his political commentary.

How much does Dhruv rathee earn?

As Dhruv Rathee is running two channels that’s why we have to calculate his earnings from youtube one by one….Dhruv Rathee’s income from youtube in Indian rupees.Channel nameMonthly incomeYearly incomeDhruv Rathee vlogsRs 70K – Rs 8.8 lakhRs 9 lakh – Rs 58 lakh2 more rows•Feb 25, 2021

Who is Julie LBR?

Julie Lbr is a medical student from Germany. She has been recently recognized as Dhrub Rathee’s girlfriend. Dhrub Rathee is a famous content creator( Youtuber ) form India living in Germany.

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