What Does 10-4 Mean On A Walkie Talkie?

What is a 55 in police code?

Police 10 codes are a common form of communication for LEOs….Code.CodeMeaning10-54Hit and Run Accident10-55Intoxicated Driver10-56Intoxicated Pedestrian10-57Request BT Operator75 more rows•Sep 26, 2016.

What is a 10 88 police code?

Police code 10-88 means Advise phone number of officer.

What does a 10 20 mean?

What is your locationThe phrase essentially means, “What is your location?” or “Identify your position,” but is a corrupted phrase from the original “10-20” used by law enforcement to verbally encode their radio transmissions so that non-police listeners would not easily discover police operations, as well as to communicate quicker and …

What does a 10-5 mean?

Relay10-5 = Relay this information to (name of a person, officer, etc.) 10-6 = Officer is busy. 10-7 = Out of service, unavailable. 10-8 = In-service. 10-9 = Please repeat (please repeat the message)

What is a 10/40 code?

10-40. Silent Run – No Light, Siren. Fight in Progress. Suspicious Person-Auto.

What is a 10-7 police code?

Police code 10-7 means Out of service (completely).

What is a 10 85 police code?

Police code 10-85 means Arrival delay due to [cause].

What is a 10 83 police code?

Police code 10-83 means Work/school crossing detail.

What does 10-4 mean on the radio?

Signals by eraSignalAPCO Meaning1940 (APCO Standards Committee)APCO Project 14 (1974)10-4Acknowledgement.Affirmative (Ok)10-5Relay.Relay (To)10-6Busy.Busy95 more rows

What does 10 10 mean on the radio?

Police code 10-10 means Negative / Fight in progress. …

What is a 10 200 code?

Police code 10-200 means Narcotics, drugs involved.

What is a 10 93 police code?

Police code 10-93 means Blockage.

What is a 10 95 police code?

10-95 pedestrian/ Requesting an I.D./Techunit.

What is 10 42 police code?

This particular code is used to indicate an officer’s end of tour. While 10-42 is most frequently used when an officer has completed his tour of service for the day, it is also used in conjunction with funeral proceedings when an officer has been killed in the line of duty.

What is a code 4?

What Does “Code 4” Mean? “Code 4” means everything is under control or the scene is safe.? It indicates the officers are now in charge of the situation they were called to. For us it means when Code 4 is working we make sure everyone is safe and we are in control.

What does 10-4 mean in the military?

you got itRoger that! 10-4 is a way of saying “message received” in radio communications. It’s also used as a way to “you got it.”

What is a 10 89 police code?

The word ten (10) indicates the next number, or numbers, is code….Police 10 Codes. General Purpose.10-1Unable Copy – Change Location10-88Present Telephone # of ___10-89Bomb Threat10-90Bank Alarm at ___10-91Pick Up Prisoner / Subject108 more rows

What’s your 20 mean?

where are youOverview. “What’s your 20?” is shorthand for ‘where are you’ or ‘what’s your location’. It’s a phrase adopted from the Trucking and CB Radio community.

What does the phrase 10-4 Good Buddy mean?

Ten four is a cop code. It means good to go, all right,see ya there , the like. Good buddy was added on by truckers who pick up on jargon by listening to their scanners. So in ten four good buddy , it’s like one truck driver saying to another okay, or right, or what ever it is in the affirmative .

Do you copy 10-4?

Truckers have shorthand ways of speaking to each other over the radio, and “10-4” means “Yes, I acknowledge,” similar to the way pilots and air traffic controllers use the term “Roger,” and military radio operators use “Copy.”

What is a 10 84 police code?

Police code 10-84 means Advise ETA.