How Can I Delete WhatsApp Messages After One Day?

What happens if I delete a WhatsApp message with one tick?

So it looks like deleting a message with a single tick only erases your local copy.

If you had internet / mobile data when the message was sent, then there is high possibility that the other person has already received it.

So, deleting it from your phone doesn’t matter.

More or less, it works the same way as SMS..

What is difference between clear chat and delete chat?

To delete all chats at once Tap Delete all chats. Individual chats will be deleted from your Chats tab, as well as Status updates. Group chats, however, will still be visible on your Chats tab, and you’ll still be part of them. On the other hand, clearing a chat allows you to clear all the messages inside a chat.

How can I delete WhatsApp messages after 2 days?

Reopen WhatsApp and find the message. Tap and hold on it and then choose Delete > Delete for Everyone. Switch your Wi-Fi and mobile data back on, revert the date and your message should still be replaced with a placeholder message that reads: “This message was deleted.”

When you delete WhatsApp App what happens?

2. Backup WhatsApp Messages Before Deleting WhatsApp (FREE) As you can see, deleting WhatsApp means losing all the messages in that account. Therefore, if there are some data in that account that you would like to refer to later, you may want to back up WhatsApp before deleting.

Can you delete WhatsApp messages from someone else’s phone?

With WhatsApp, there are two options when you’re deleting messages. If you delete a message you send within seven minutes of it being sent, you can remove it from every recipient’s device. This works whether you’re messaging one person or a group. They’ll just see a note saying the message was deleted.

How do I permanently delete WhatsApp chats?

This messenger is available for the smartphones of android, blackberry, windows, and iPhones too….Tap on the whatsapp folder.All the subfolders and images videos will be here.Now tap and hold the database file.Select delete. It will erase everything.Feb 6, 2020

What is force stop in WhatsApp?

For instance, if you don’t want to get messages in WhatsApp, select the app under Settings – Apps and click on Force Stop. Now, the app will stop working and you will not receive messages in the app. … When you are ready to receive messages again, just open the app as usual.

How can I permanently delete WhatsApp messages from both sides?

How to delete messagesOpen WhatsApp and go to the chat containing the message you want to delete.Tap and hold the message. Optionally, select more messages to delete multiple messages at once.Tap Delete > Delete for everyone.

How can I delete WhatsApp messages older than 30 days?

If you want to clear messages older than 30 days, select the messages older than 30 days option. If you want to clear the message older than 6 months, select the Messages older than 6 months option. If you want to clear all messages, select all message options. Click the clear option, as shown in the figure below.

How do I delete WhatsApp messages after a day?

How to delete old WhatsApp messages for everyone even after many day? #Whatsapp_bugOpen message. … Turn off mobile data. … Force stop whatsapp from app manager. … Set time and date older than the message time. … Go and delete the message. … Now reset your time and date.More items…•Apr 10, 2018

How can I delete a message for everyone on WhatsApp after deleting it for myself by mistake?

You can unsend a message by tapping and holding it, hitting the Delete symbol and selecting Delete for Everyone. The feature works for all types of messages, but only if they were sent less than seven minutes ago.

How can I restore deleted messages on WhatsApp?

How to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages: Simply uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. When you reinstall the app, you will be prompted to restore your message history from the backup file. Select Restore and everything from the latest backup will be restored.

What does Delete for everyone mean in WhatsApp?

It turns out WhatsApp’s ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature — designed to let you wipe texts and files you sent by accident — could still leave traces of your messages, due to a discrepancy in the way the function works on Android handsets and iPhones.

How can I delete WhatsApp messages without the other person knowing?

Once you press ‘Delete,’ you’ll get two options – ‘Delete for me’ and ‘Delete for everyone’. Select the second one so that the recipient cannot read the message that you mistakenly sent them. However, you only get seven minutes to delete the message after you have sent it.

What is the time limit for Delete for everyone in WhatsApp?

7- WhatsApp says that you only get an hour-long window to delete the message — for everyone — after which the feature won’t work. Initially, the feature would last for a window of 7 minutes. Now it has been extended up to an hour. If you try deleting what you have sent after that, it will remain with the receiver.