What spy apps are completely free for Parental Control?

For the security of your kids, it is now necessary to lock access and use of the internet to prevent the various risks that have been found on the web.
That’s why professional parental software developers have developed a completely free and easy to use Parental Control for Smartphone.

Professional parental control for iPhone, android, windows phone, and Blackberry.

If you are present here, it’s because you have asked yourself the question of what your child can do on his mobile phone, and especially why he spends so much time on it. We are well aware of this because in the team, we all have children and that is why parental control was developed at the base, before being broadcast so that all parents can have free access. Go to NEXSPY and download free spyware without touching target phone

Without being worried, it is being noticed that the majority of young people spent time on malicious sites or talking to people who may be malicious.

The parental control for mobile phone android, iPhone, WP or bb, will allow you to check the connections and especially the various and varied exchanges that pass on the smartphone phone.

Of course, the software is extremely discreet. It’s up to you to install it without your child’s knowledge, without the child being aware of it, or by explaining to him that this is for his own good. Both options are possible depending on the settings of the parental control you have chosen.

Smartphone Parental Control – How does it work?

Our parental control for mobile phone allows you two options and types of controls:

The first type of parental control option, and the invisible one. You will be able to install parental control as if it were mobile spyware.

Thus, you can follow live from your administration interface (accessible from a PC, a mobile or a tablet) what happens on your child’s cell phone.

You can see who it chat with, what the sites on which he navigates, access his Snapchat account, facebook messenger, whatsapp … all in a discreet and undetectable way.

As an outcome, you will be capable of making an opinion on these exchanges and to know if you have concerns to make you or not.

In addition, GPS tracking will allow you to know in real time where your child is and so you avoid a great moment of fright.

The second type of parental control option requires the child to know that you have installed a parental control on their smartphone.

Access to malicious sites will not be available to you, and you will receive a notification on your smartphone parental control administration interface informing you that your child has attempted a connection to the wrong site.

You also will be able of blocking access to the phone from a certain time, so you will ensure that your child sleeps well at the time you want and not late in the night like many teenagers currently.

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